Preventing problems before they occur.


Staying in strict compliance with frequently-changing healthcare laws and regulations is  the foundation of a sound, successful practice.  The compliance professionals at RCPMS make sure you’re always on solid ground.

Our highly-experienced team expertly manages the complexities of compliance and risk management in healthcare with a full roster of comprehensive practice management services.

Corporate Compliance Program

Our main goal?  Preventing potential problems before they start reduces risk and costs to your organization.  Defined compliance programs achieve the best possible outcomes. Let us help you:

  • Conduct compliance risk analysis
  • Create compliance plans for healthcare professionals
  • Conduct random billing and coding audits
  • Develop and/or revise compliance policies
  • Conduct compliance education and training
  • Incorporate compliance in your day-to-day work
We can help with the new HIPAA/HITECH guidelines.
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HIPAA Privacy Policies & Procedures

Boilerplate guidelines put you at risk. The RCPMS professionals develop clear, in-depth policies and procedures based on your practice’s philosophy and requirements:

  • Keep you in compliance with the HIPAA/HITECH regulations
  • Administer annual training and testing
  • Conduct site evaluations to verify all personnel are following HIPAA guidelines
  • Verify that systems are in place to secure the privacy of medical records
  • Provide new hire training