Achieving excellence in everything we do, every day. You do it for your patients, and we do it for your practice. We’re proud to share some of the consistently great feedback we get from our valued clients – because of the measurable results we give them. Plus, find out what our team says about why they love doing what they do – with RCPMS.

Client Testimonials

We successfully opened our first Sanford Primary Care Clinic in California on April 2011, thanks to the great work and efforts of RCPMS.

In 2010, Sanford Health collaborated with Rady Children’s Hospital to build a primary care clinic specifically for pediatric patients in Oceanside, CA. Rady Children’s Physician Management Services (RCPMS) was chosen as the MSO for all of the new office and ongoing practice needs, including an electronic medical record (EMR). They assisted with the physical clinic layout, all related new practice logistics and required systems including hardware and software needs. They provided comprehensive orientation and training for staff and providers. We were, and continue to be, extremely pleased with the support provided by RCPMS and its management team. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in need of such management services.

James Slack | Vice President

World Clinics for Sanford Health

Staff Testimonials

It is my job to make sure everyone feels comfortable with the care and service they receive. I know that job is being done when I have parents ask for me personally to help them or thank me for going out of my way to obtain the answers they need. That is what motivates me to provide excellent service.

Felicia A. | Patient Service Representative

My office has a great team environment and family orientation. We have great team communication to ensure quality patient care. We share ideas to implement new strategies to achieve satisfaction. We strive to exceed standards and expectations.

Ciara M. | Medical Assistant

Everyone advocates for the team to provide the best possible patient care recognizing that a unified approach produces the best outcomes in patient care and patient satisfaction.

Nina S. | Supervisor

Customer service starts as soon as the patient walks through the door. We try to help the patient feel at ease by knowing we will take care of them in the best way possible.

Iris E. | Front Office Coordinator

I love trying to change a child’s perception of the doctor’s office. So many children are so scared when they come into the office because they are worried about having to get shots. It’s nice when you can make a frightened child more comfortable and see them smile.

Aleeza G. | Supervisor

Our office is small and allows the employees to go the extra mile for the patients and/or parents.

Lucy C. | Supervisor

Our staff goes above and beyond when it comes to accommodating our patients. We all are empathetic to each unique situation and feel joy when a new member is added to a family.

Donna C. | Medical Assistant

Medicine starts at pediatrics- knowing how we treat our patients can help mold how they view medicine and their healthcare for the rest of their lives.

Michelle P. | Supervisor

May it be scheduling a last minute physical for sports or a visit to get caught up in vaccines or helping parent understand their insurances. Taking time to focus on each patient/parent and then receiving good feedback is rewarding. Seeing the patients grow and stay with our site for long periods of time.

Lisa G. | Supervisor

The willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty in any circumstance is what I feel the float pool represents. The float pool of RCPMS has been a great asset to this company as a whole.

Marquise C. | Patient Service Representative

What motivates me is when the parents tell me I am always nice and helpful. This makes me want to strive harder to make the parents happy.

Rosetta S. | Front Office Coordinator

As the float pool team it requires that we pay very close attention to detail and remember the importance of how, when and what providers expect of us to complete our job duties.

Marquise C. | Patient Service Representative